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Our home office is located in Ancramdale, NY in lower Columbia County, where patients are seen on an appointment basis.



  • We are based in Ancramdale in Columbia County. The following are service area for house call appointments:
        • Columbia County
        • Dutchess County
        • Putnam County
        • Westchester County - 1 day per month (Friday or Saturday)(north of White Plains)
        • Ulster County
        • Greene County
        • Rensselaer County

    • Garrison County - 1 day per month (Friday or Saturday)

    • Westchester County - 1 day per month (Friday or Saturday)(north of White Plains)

*Please allow a 30 minute grace period for arriving at your home. 
**Maximum travel time for house call appointments is 1 hour and 20 minutes


Thursday & Saturday by appointment only


Click here for a list of emergency and specialty hospitals. Please note that we do not provide emergency services.


NEW! Now, offering office visits in my home office in Ancramdale in Columbia County!! For dogs and cats who do well in an office setting. A office visit have the benefit of avoiding the house call fee. Pet parent have the choice between a office appointment and house call visit.

NEW!  Offering paid email or phone consultation to accommodate busy pet parents or those who live a distance from me.  We can address questions and topics for which your pet doesn't need to be examined.  For example: Follow up consultation to discuss how your pet is doing and what needs to be changed.

At Wellness Mobile Veterinary Care, we are committed to bringing quality, compassionate veterinary care. Our personalized service provides a convenient and stress-free visit.  


Benefits of a home appointment:
•    Reduces anxiety in pets that are nervous in veterinary hospitals. 
•    Saves time by avoiding the waiting room.
•    Allows quality veterinary care for pets whose owners don't drive.
•    Accommodates multiple pet households.
•    Reduces discomfort for elderly or sick pets.
•    Facilitates accurate evaluation of behavior.

Benefits of an office appointment:
•    Lower cost of the vet visit by avoiding house call fees.
•    Cats are easier to handle in a office environment.
•    Taking a beautiful ride to the relaxing countryside.

The focus of our practice is on integrative and preventive medicine. Integrative medicine balances the best of conventional and holistic medicine to provide personalized quality care to keep your furry family members happy and healthy.

Molly and dunkin surveying their domain

Molly and dunkin surveying their domain

We offer: 
•    Wellness appointments
•    Tri-annual vaccines and vaccine titers
•    Acupuncture Chinese herbs
•    Nutritional consultation and homemade diets
•    Bioidentical hormone therapy for endocrine imbalance
•    Nutritional supplements therapy
•    Individualized pain management
•    Minor injury care
•    Medical evaluation
•    Diagnostic testing
•    Vitamin D testing (vitamin D Test Kit from Rx Vitamins for Pet. The blood sample is mailed to VDI labs vdilab.com)
•    Ozone therapy (www.o3vets.com)
•    AssisLoop (www.assisianimalhealth.com)
•    Light therapy (photonichealth.com)
•    Cancer test screening (vdilab.com)
•    Vitamins and nutrients injections
•    Hospice care
•    In-home pet euthanasia 

Send us an email to drnancy.wmvc@gmail.com or click here to fill out new client contact form with any questions you have or to set up an appointment. We look forward to meeting you and your pets.