My practice integrates conventional western medicine with alternative veterinary therapies. Some of the alternative modalities I use are acupuncture, supplements, herbal therapies, nutritional strategies, ozone therapy, light therapy, microbiome restorative therapy, and hormone replacement program. Often times the best results come from the synergistic effect of optimizing good nutrition, supplements and other holistic therapies. I am also an advocate for optimizing vitamin D levels, minimal vaccination, vaccine titers, and late spay and neuter for the better health of my patients. 

Mila loves to sleep on her pillow

Mila loves to sleep on her pillow

I see patients in my home office in Ancramdale, NY (lower Columbia County). I also see patients in their home as a house call appointment. The areas that I travel to are Columbia County, Dutchess County, Putnam County, Westchester County (north of White Plains), Ulster County, Greene County, and Rensselaer County. Please allow me a 30 minute grace period for arriving at your home.
A new patient exam and consultation includes the review of the patient medical history (including diet and nutrition), physical exam and acupuncture (optional). This first visit can take up to 1.5 hour as we will have a lot to discuss.


gigi looking up at some birds

gigi looking up at some birds

I usually recommend 3 sessions to see if acupuncture will be helpful. Although you can potentially see improvements after the first session, it is usually necessary to have several sessions to see beneficial effects. Although acupuncture does not help every patient, it helps many of them live more comfortable lives. The first several sessions are usually spaced every 1-2 weeks but also depends on severity of clinical signs. Once we see an improvement, they are spaced farther and farther apart.

Fee Schedule

  • First Exam & Consultation: $115 - Don't include acupuncture
  • Follow up Exam & Consultation: $65 (30 minutes), $80 (45 minutes) - Includes acupuncture
  • Initial acupuncture: $45


  • First Exam and Consultation for 2+ pets in the same appointment: $95 for each pet - Don't include acupuncture
  • Follow up Exam and Consultation for 2+ pets in the same appointment: $55 for each pet - Includes acupuncture

*Medications, supplements, tests, therapies, etc are on top of the exam and consultation fee.
**Fee for no shows or cancellation (Less than 2 hour before appointment): $60
Currently, I accept check, cash, Quickbooks Online (bank transfer & credit card), PayPal ( and Chase QuickPay.


Housecall fee are fees for traveling to your home. My maximum travel time is 1 hour and 20 minutes. It is additional to the exam and consultation fee:
•    Columbia County: $45-$75 depending on time traveled one way.
            $45 for a 10-minute travel time
            $60 for a 20-minute travel time
            $75 for a 30-minute+ travel time
•    Dutchess county, Rensselaer County, Greene County: $75
•    Putnam County, Westchester county, Ulster County: $95

yuma is ready for her swim in the pond.

yuma is ready for her swim in the pond.

If you would like to find out more about my services and how it can help your pet, a pre-appointment 15 minutes phone consult is available for $36.

I also offer paid email or phone consultation to accommodate busy pet parents or those who lives a distance from me.  We can address questions and topics for which your pet doesn't need to be examined.  For example: Follow up consultation to discuss how your pet is doing and what needs to be changed. Phone Consultation is $24 per 10 minute Increments. Email Consultation is $12 for one communication (up to 2 emails from the client on the same subject)
For the appointment, I would need:
1. Your pet’s previous medical records and bloodwork emailed to me or have them ready during the appointment. 
2. A list of your pet’s food, supplements and medications emailed to me if there is any. The list will enable me to understand what your pet is getting, and it help me formulate a treatment plan. 

Lastly, I don't have an assistant, so I will need your help holding your pet for exam +/- blood draw. 
If you have any additional questions or you would like to schedule an appointment, please submit the Contact Form on this page.

angelina is rolling on the grass in the sunlight

angelina is rolling on the grass in the sunlight

Nancy Ying, DVM

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Home Office: Ancramdale, NY



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